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yWhat should you do when your car is sent for tinting at our shop? Listed, ranked and reviewed in this feature for you, are the top ten must-do activities, here in the hub of excitement, Petaling Jaya or PJ.


TOP TEN ACTIVITIES IN Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

  1. A Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Moment (Chocolate Museum)

If you are a die-hard chocoholic, the most interactive Chocolate Museum in South East Asia is truly a haven! Explore the origins of chocolate in the Journey of Chocolates section, unravel some mysteries in the Health Benefits section, and indulge in a chocolate-making experience in the Chocolate Kitchen. Custom-made chocolates, with high quality printing and a hundred freshly produced chocolate brands are available at the Chocolate Galleria. So, be sure to bag them all at affordable prices.


  1. A Date with Sweet, Furry Friends (Huskiss Cafe)

Get cuddly with adorable Husky pups, in the squeaky-clean spaces of Huskiss Cafe located in Petaling Jaya. These playful doggies are always photo-ready, so snap away to your heart’s content. With six sessions available every day of the week, spend your precious moments by pampering or teaching these Huskies some tricks.


  1. Pose for Instagram-Worthy Shots (Laman Seni 7)

For a pleasant, rustic atmosphere, away from the bustle of the big city, Laman Seni 7 is the place to be. The preserved back alleys of shop houses, glorified with aesthetically pleasing graffiti and 3D artworks is worth the visit especially, if you are into photography. Captured with meaningful messages and emotions by local artists, the artworks come together as a no-admission, open-air art exhibition for your viewing pleasure.


  1. Play Sherlock for the Day (Escape Room @ eCurve)
    Hunt for keys and codes to escape a locked room of thrilling concepts and varying levels of difficulty. Escape Room at eCurve switches you into detective mode and gets you all pumped up to beat the clock. The real-life simulations, with helpful game marshals and cool, state-of-the-art detailing becomes a paid, urban playground to experience together with family and friends. So, put your teamwork and intelligence to the test today!


  1. A Visit to the Thai Heavens (Thai Chetawan Temple)

Pocket some blessings as you visit the divine Thai Chetawan Temple or Wat Chetawan. The temple boasts authentic Thai architecture that preserves the age-old history and a colourful, vibrant surrounding. The shrine, filled with glorious Buddhist idols such as the Four-Face Buddha, complete with a scenic garden, offers you a serene and calming atmosphere. Be sure to keep up with the exhilarating events that the temple hosts such as Wesak Day, Loy Krathong and the Songkran Festival.


  1. Live A Philosopher’s Dream (Shalini Ganendra Fine Art)

Get in touch with your philosopher side as you engage with fine Asian contemporary art and design. Specializing in emerging regions and movements, the Shalini Ganendra Fine Art (SGFA) is built upon a tropical yet minimal landscape. The art and sculpture instillations crafted by the local artists here, encompasses a variety of mediums and forms. A friendly, courteous guide is at your service too.  Simply said- if you believe that the epitome of art is life, this is where art comes to life.


  1. A Caffeine Tour (Cafés @ SS15)

Cafés with good coffee and enlivening concepts are the craze of the century. Relish the hipster in you when you drop by Tryst Café or make your way to Grafa, offering you both caffeine and worthy bargains. Cat-lovers should go say hi to the fluffy, adorable kitties at Coffee Cottage or for a homely feel, head over to The Good Friends Restaurant and Café. Your coffee-sipping experience would be redefined, thanks to these refreshing themed-cafés.


  1. Eat, Eat and Eat (Empire Damansara)

Excited for culinary goodness from around the globe, served within walking-distance of one another? Head down to Empire Damansara and make that foodie dream come true. Munch on tasty Italian Pizzas, then drop by Bungkus for a filling Kimchi Bulgogi Rice Burger. If you’d love some Japanese delicacies, choose a spot among Ramen Kanbe, Zenjo or Haraju Cube. For dessert, dig into the heavenly French Butter  Waffles at 7Cups or the Callebaut Mocha Brownie at Cat In The Box.


  1. Bounce like A Ball (Jump Street)


To those who’d love to defy gravity,  bounce away at Jump Street, one of Asia’s Largest Trampoline Parks. Choose your favourite activity – whether it’s free-jumping in the spacious Main Court, a game of trampoline dodge ball or honing skills at the high-performance area. No worries as safety is highly prioritized- with a line-up of trained Jump Referees on standby.


  1. Chill? (Royale Ice Skating Rink)

If figure-skating is your thing, get your skates onto the Royale Ice Skating Rink. Situated in the Royale Chulan Damansara Hotel, you could experience ‘winter’ activities at a low admission fee or sign up for private lessons with dedicated coaches. Paid ‘penguins’ or ‘dolphins’ are also available to support you for an unforgettable experience on ice.


So, now that you’ve known these places, get set for the adventure of a lifetime, here in the heart of Selangor.