6 Car Insurance Companies in Petaling Jaya

Are you hunting for the best car insurance company in Petaling Jaya or for short-PJ? With so many selections in the area, we have compiled six trusted ones for your convenience.


  1. MSIG Insurance @ Jaya One

Located in a strategic spot opposite Jalan Universiti, it is convenient to find the office, given that you refer to the tenancy board at each block of entrance. The insurance company offers quality service through their helpful and friendly staffs. They are always guiding you along the way, especially for first-time customers. Plus, the insurance package offered by MSIG provides comprehensive protection with so much additional benefits. This includes the Smart Key Shield, Waiver or Betterment Cost, Driver’s Personal Accident Insurance and other add-ons.  The office is not usually crowded so, service would be very fast and efficient. You may also indulge in some free coffee at the self-service coffee machine if there is a need to wait for services.

  1. QBE Insurance (M) Berhad @ Leisure Commerce Square

Emerged in 1905 into the Malaysian market, the service provider is prominent for its regional expertise of risk management as well as, its dedication to cater to the people. The branch network of the company extends throughout Malaysia via agents and brokers. So, there would not be a problem to engage with the insurance provider, even if you could not access a branch office. QBE Insurance strengthens customers’ confidence in them by being an efficient and effective service provider. They are constantly working to satisfy the customers’ needs. The QBE Motors insurance scheme allows for fairer pricing based on risk profile groups. Besides, you would also receive smoother and much efficient services to meet your varying needs. In addition, there is an innovation of more products and services that would enable you to reap the ultimate benefits offered by the package.


  1. Etiqa Insurance Mart @ Ara Damansara

Established in 1986, CHRISA Group of Companies manages this insurance service provider that could be easily accessed through an online platform, phone call or dropping by their service point at Ara Damansara. Some of the major insurance companies that they are affiliated with are Allianz Malaysia Berhad and AIG Malaysia Insurance Berhad. There are also other general insurance companies that they have partnered with. Etiqa’s Motor Takaful  policy itself is a Shariah-compliant plan that covers for loss, theft or damages to your auto-mobile. Besides, several added benefits such as a 10% rebate upon online renewal, reimbursements, and a 24/7 emergency hotline would make the investment worthwhile. The motor insurance scheme also offers extra benefits that one could indulge in. The service provider offers you solutions with outstanding protection as well as satisfaction of your automotive needs.


  1. Zurich Insurance @ Taman Sentosa

With Zurich Insurance, customers would be able to meet their protection needs through a wide spectrum of general insurance solutions. The basics of the insurance policy include a 10% discount for safe drivers on their motor premium, water damage cover up, and unlimited use of courtesy car. Added benefits are as follows: discount on tariff rates for Special Perils coverage, complimentary cover extension, waiver of betterment and enhanced car window tinting cover. This particular branch in PJ  boasts a line up of friendly and knowledgeable staffs. They provide the customers with efficient services as the manpower is more than enough. So, you would not have to wait  for a long duration. The office is not crowded and you could easily get a parking space. You could conveniently purchase your insurance policy yourself without the need of an agent.

  1. The Pacific Insurance Berhad @ Wisma MCIS

The operation of the Pacific Insurance Berhad in Malaysia dates way back in the 1950s. The company prioritizes five key elements in their service including honesty and integrity, professionalism, customer service excellence, teamwork, as well as corporate governance. These aspects are also reasons for you to purchase your insurance policy from them. The people in the management team are highly responsive and efficient in delivering enhanced services. Plus, they utilize a user-friendly digital platform for increased customer retention and higher sales growth. The success of the company thus far, could be attributed  to its brilliant customer relation management as well as its aim to embrace a people centric approach. The Motor Comprehensive Cover guarantees insurance against loss or damage to the vehicle due to accident, theft or fire. The company has partnered up with over 350 panel workshops and panel windscreen workshops. Plus, the company also provides a hotline for twenty-four hour roadside assistance. The pricing of the motor policy is very affordable and possibly the cheapest in the market.


  1. Hong Leong Assurance @ PJ City Development

Hong Leong Assurance (HLA) Berhad is acclaimed as the largest insurance company in Malaysia. It is a reputable and well-established brand, that offers financial planning as well as, extensive solutions for the requirements of their customers. In 2018, the company was awarded as the Best Insurance Company in Malaysia at the International Finance Awards. The headquarters of Hong Leong Assurance is open for helpful consultation and speedy transactions by a line-up of well-trained staffs. It sustains an excellent reputation and brand in the industry. The MSIG Motor Insurance policy gives you a thorough and comprehensive approach so that you would be assured at all times. In recent times, the MSIG Motor Assist App was developed to deliver features such as twenty four-hour service assistance, real-time updates on the service status, and the establishment of the user’s exact location. All of them would come in handy during tragedies such as accidents, thefts or accidental fires. The add-ons of the policy include Special Perils, the Smart Key Shield feature and the Driver’s Personal Accident policy. Plus, the company has partnered up with many panel workshops nationwide, so you would not face trouble in finding one that is covered by your policy.

Your car deserves full-coverage protection and it is best to work with a company that could provide reliable services to achieve that purpose.