5 Second Hand Car Dealers in Petaling Jaya

Are you in search of a trusted dealership in Petaling Jaya or PJ to purchase a pre-owned car? In this read, we have compiled five of the second-hand car dealers that you could visit to find that auto-mobile of your dreams.

  1. GD Motorsport Trading @ Seksyen 18

Ever since been established in 2017, GD Motorsport Trading has been the people’s selection for a used car dealer. The dealership vows to deliver top quality pre-owned cars with a wide array of certified choices. Such investments are done only under good deals. The team at GD Motorsport Trading would assist the entire loan application process of the client from start to end. Clients would be offered the lowest possible rate  in the market for the car of their desire. In fact, down payment for booking begins at the cheapest tag you could ever find. Consultations by courteous and  helpful salespeople are free of charge. So, feel free to contact them at any day of the week and ask away. Once the bargain is successful, the dealership would transport the auto-mobile to the client’s place of choice at no cost at all. An added advantage of the dealership is that it is also a port to trade-in your used cars.

  1. Jag’s Classic Automobile @ Damansara Perdana

A pre-owned auto-mobile is always a joy to collect as it is of high value as time flies. Jag’s Classic puts their faith in the essence of the journey and not the destination. The dealership is a pioneer in PJ to resell such models of used cars. The cars in their care are all nostalgic and come with a set of heart-warming stories. With some preservation, the cars would look elegant and luxurious, as if they just got out from the factory. The team provides the first view of the polished and readied vehicles, sales, maintenance and even, after sales services. The team even offer services such as motor insurance, road tax renewals and Road Transport Department-related affairs. They are ever so friendly and courteous which ensures you a great experience with them. You could even drop by to have a look at the auto-mobiles, and they would even leave you to your viewing undisturbed. Just make sure to let them know beforehand. They are specialized in both classic and continental cars including BMW, Mercedes Benz, Rolls Royce, Jaguar and Porsche. Customers could also opt to trade in or sell their non-classic auto-mobiles here as well.

  1. Expat Car Guys @ Pelangi Sentral

The Expat Car Guys is a trustworthy used car dealership, which specializes in catering for the Expatriate Community in both Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. The team consists of polite and resourceful professionals who offer great after sales service, so you could be assured of the warranty of the car. You could be stranded by the side of the road with some glitches and the crew would be there shortly  to assist you. However, fret not as the vehicles are restored, polished and well-kept as much as they could have been salvaged. So, you do not have to be concerned of rising issues. The team possesses extensive knowledge of the market and so, is able to buy and sell the cars in a breeze. Transfer of ownership is all taken care of in the comfort of their office. So, it is for sure hassle-free. The pricing of the cars for trade-in is definitely competitive and reasonable. Plus, transfer of payment is done very efficiently and expediently.  The awesome dealership experiences have established a reputation for the team, with so many repeating customers. Expats need not worry of getting a used car from a trusted source as the Expat Car Guys has got your back.

  1. Auto Arcade Sdn Bhd @ Seksyen 51

Established in 2011, the dealership boasts a broad selection of top rated cars for their customers to choose from. The facility extends over 4 acres of land and stores many renowned brands of cars. Some of them include Toyota, Honda, Subaru, Mercedes, Lexus and Porsche. The consultations are done by well-trained professionals, whom understand your needs well. The after-sales service assures you that you and your car are both in good hands. The pricing of the auto-mobiles are negotiable so, be sure to view and test drive your preferred vehicle before deciding on its value. With the dealership aspiring to present their customers with quality vehicles and services, your needs would be well taken care of. The company has a strong understanding of their customers’ expectations and so, delivers their promises accordingly. As mentioned, comprehensive services are of topmost priority at Auto Arcade.  With state of the art machines and tools, the dealership provides a return for your investment with remarkable services. Some of their top services include general repair, unit repair, wheel alignment and balancing, free exterior car wash, as well as a twenty-four hour breakdown service. So,  if you are keen to get your hands on your favourite Japanese-branded or continental cars, this is where you need to be.


  1. JayaMaju Mesra Sdn Bhd (JMSB) @ Taman Sea

The dealership provides professional service and consultation in terms of used cars. As a dedicated car dealer, JMSB has designed a solution to offer the best deals for sellers, either individuals or corporate. The solution ensures that their customers could indulge in charges without losing the value of their cars. This would offer them a reasonable profit margin. Two solutions are available for sellers : the Express Solution, of which the dealer is responsible for selling or the Direct Solution, of which the owners would handle sales themselves. The dealership provides special financial options through established groups such as Ambank, Hong Leong Finance and Maybank Finance.

Much care and attention should be vested in selecting an authentic dealership for used cars, as much as you would in purchasing a brand new one. This is to ensure that your investment brings back a profitable outcome in the long run.