5 Automobile Service Centres in Petaling Jaya

If you are in the suburbs of Petaling Jaya or for short- PJ, and looking to run some high quality maintenance on your car, then here’s your life-saver. In this feature, listed and reviewed are five auto-mobile service centres in PJ for your convenience.


  1. Auto Mobile Garage @ Seksyen 13

This service centre has a long history of car repair and maintenance since being formed in 1987. Located on a 40, 000 square feet of strategic land, the garage is well-equipped with time-served machineries and tools. Besides specializing on Mercedes Benz, the garage also works on the likes of Porsche, BMW, and Toyota. The centre is great for auto maintenance, general repair services and auto painting services as well. The strong collaboration between local technicians and foreign engineers enhances the techniques used to service your car. So, the quality check here is kept at the highest level possible. The service offered guarantees you outstanding protection and driving stability. You would also receive the best customer service. A perk of the service centre is the availability of The Lounge, a fully air-conditioned haven for you to wait in as your auto-mobile is being cared for. You would get to indulge in the various channels on a satellite TV, high-speed Wi-Fi, a mini café bar of hot and cold beverages as well as, the latest magazines and newspapers. 


  1. Ameuron @ Jalan PJS 11/7

Located behind Sunway College, Ameuron is one of the most sought after garage among the many here.  If you are looking for a top rated paint job, a tyre change or a revamped engine, this garage caters to all your auto-mobile needs. With highly qualified and experienced technicians as well as long-serving equipment, your vehicle would be in good hands. Your car would magically turn into as new as possible  An asset of the place is its cleanliness. It is rare to come across a workshop with such standard of hygiene. Led by an owner who is well-versed and passionate about cars, you could trust that your auto-mobile would be serviced thoroughly, with no neglect whatsoever. Believe it or not, the owner himself possesses thirty years of international experience in dealing with auto-mobiles. Another crucial aspect of the workshop is their honesty in diagnosing your vehicle and advising the services as needed.  In addition, you would receive sound consultation on auto-mobile care. The extra charge per service is dependent on the spare parts needed. Yet, fret not- you would not be  overcharged here. So, the cost is worthy of the outcome that you would receive. The timeliness of the service is always as estimated, so you could claim your auto-mobile on time.


  1. Damansara Rally Auto @ Damansara Utama

 Damansara Rally Auto Sdn Bhd is a go-to service centre for auto-mobiles since years ago. As the workshop evolved, one key element is constant, the crew. Despite having to work under the blazing weather of PJ, the crew is always a friendly, attentive bunch that you’d love to hang with. The technicians have intense passion in what they do, so you would attain the best results possible. The trusted workshop provides services including engine maintenance, tyre change, wheel alignment, air conditioner services as well as, outdoor services. The waiting time for services to be complete may depend on the number of customers on deck. Yet, services are relatively fast and efficient. The charge is usually as per market rate, but subjected to your car model and availability of spare parts needed. Rest assured, the workshop is an established one with its excellent, swift procedures as rated by past customers.


  1. DTOX @ Seksyen 8

DTOX Car Service capitalizes on its well-trained team with the help of rigorous planning and constant training. In fact, the car service regime includes multiple mechanics at work simultaneously on your car as demanded by their standard operation procedure. You would be delivered high quality and efficient outcome in no time at all! The workshop only utilizes top rated engine oil and accredited distributors of spare parts. Plus, your safety and driving comfort is assured with their triple check routine. Customers are given choices on products and packages based on a clear-cut pricing menu. You would never experience any hard-selling or the pressure to exceed your budget. If you are pressed for an urgent oil change, just drop by their DTOX-Drive Thru Oil Change Xpress. Within 10 minutes, your engine  oil filter, air filter and tire pressure would have gone under a complete check. With an underground work space that allows direct access to the car engine, there is no longer a need to jack up the car  or the risk of wrecking the side skirts. For such excellence of service, the auto-mobile centre was previously featured on acclaimed media platforms such as The Star Online, Astro Awani, and BFM.


  1. KH Auto Service Centre @ Jalan PJS 1/48

The automotive centre thrives in  general services, repairs and diagnosis for all car performance. The trustworthy owner sets a high standard of customer service that is also pursued by his friendly crew. They run thorough checks on the car to pinpoint issues at hand, explain the issues clearly and offer necessary recommendations according to your budget. In fact, the garage is a reliable one with so many repeating customers due to the consultation provided. The crew also works fast and efficiently so, customers could even receive a fully serviced vehicle before the estimated time. Auto-mobiles are handled with extra care and  attention in order to minimize errors. The professionalism exuded by the experienced mechanics is unrivalled. Plus, the workshop displays a reasonable, transparent pricing menu so that, you are informed of your decisions. The honest way of running the business by the owner is well-known by many, thus making it the people’s favourite.


So, when it is time to give your car some tender loving care in the future, you would know exactly where to go in PJ for the ultimate car service.