About us

With multiple years of experiments and development, CS Quartz has established glass coat layer of over and is durable enough to withstand against different elements and perform to the highest of standard for car enthusiast.

CS Quartz Crystal Coat is designed to deliver maximum long term visual impact, protecting against the elements and day-to-day use and have developed specific protection for different part of the car to maximize the protection and performances for your car.

CS Quartz Crystal Coat is environment friendly and is designed for a simple application at the same time completely eliminates the shortcomings of normal car wax : no sign ificant protection, lack of shine, no antifouling effect, poor water repellent effect and poor durability.

For optimal effect each coating is applied professionally and to ensure the best of quality and to ensure the maximum protection for your car.

Advantage for coating

Unlike car waxes and sealants which utilizes oil-based component as the main ingredient, crystal glass Coat utilizes silicon as the main ingredient. A good quality protective crystal glass coat layer consists Of Silicon Dioxide (Chemical formula: Si02).

CS Quartz Crystal Glass Coat only utilizes the highest standard of industrial grade Si02 without any impurities as the quality of Si02 is the most important factor for a good crystal glass coat to retain its hardness and durability overtime, This enables CS Quartz Crystal Glass Coat to be inorganic, fully transparent and provide the finest mirror-gloss finish, which makes CS Quartz Crystal Glass Coat the most unique and outstanding brand among other competitor in the market.

CS Quartz Crystal Glass Coat is also applicable to car exterior plastic trims and rubbers, chrome liners, alloy wheels and headlights.

CS Quartz Windshield Treatment forms a durable, cross-linking bond to glass and Other Silica-based surfaces, providing the utmost to chip, scratch and mar.

CS Quartz Windshield Treatment creates an immense amount of surface tension on glass surfaces that water will simply bead up and roll off at speeds above 80 kph, rendering your windshield wipers virtually useless at highway speed,